March 1, 2017

Taikyoku Jo

Aiki Weapons – Taikyoku Jo Kata at Kogen Dojo – in Severna Park, MD

Derived from their vast experience in both Japanese Koryu (classical traditions) and Aikido, the Taikyoku Jo Kata (aka Tenzan Jo) are five paired weapons forms developed by Ellis Amdur and Bruce Bookman using a 5′ wooden staff against a 5′ wooden staff at five different maai or combative distances.  The five kata cover the entire effective range of the staff from attacks at the farthest reach of the weapon to body-to-body grappling with the weapon. An innovation on Aikido Kumi Jo Kata, the Taikyoku Jo Kata incorporate real and tested martial principles and skills into the forms, using each kata to teach specific body skills such as atemi (hitting body), tai sabaki (body displacement for advantageous positioning), and kuzushi (the destabilization of an opponent) that tie directly back into our Japanese Jujutsu (Taikyoku Budo) and our Qigong (Taikyoku Kiko) practices.  Taikyoku Jo is quite literally an extension of Taikyoku Kiko and Taikyoku Budo through a weapon.

Inspired by Taikyoku Aikido, powered by Chinese Internal Strength principles, all filtered through the combative weapons testing grounds of both Araki-ryu Torite Kogusoku and Toda-ha Buko-ryu by way of Ellis Amdur, Taikyoku Jo is a modern approach to traditional Japanese staff training.  In fact, the 5′ staff length was specifically chosen with modern practicality in mind, as it represents the size of a common walking stick.  So, as with all things Taikyoku, there is more to the practice than meets the eye, much of which is Hidden in Plain Sight.

If you are interested in seeing how ancient principles of combat and power generation can be applied in a modern setting, Come In and Try Taikyoku Budo FREE for 10 DAYS in Severna Park, MD!

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