March 6, 2017


Qigong in Severna Park for Health, Strength, and Wellness: Improve Balance, Focus, & Mental Clarity

Whether you are looking for Qigong or Tai Chi in Severna Park, MD, for Health, Strength, or general Well-Being, our Taikyoku Kiko classes offer a principle-based approach for Mind and Body Training.  Taikyoku Kiko is a meditative movement practice that offers all of the health and strength benefits of Tai Chi or Qigong without a lot of the other baggage that often accompanies these traditional arts at other schools where the focus is on weird uniforms, complicated forms, and fitting instead of empowering you with principles and training methods that work.

At Kogen Dojo, our focus is on giving you a Personal and Individualized Meditative Movement Practice in a casual, fun, and clean environment where you can get the most Mental and Physical Benefits out of our classes.  We don’t use titles like Sensei or Shifu at Kogen Dojo because we are all Training Brothers and Sisters on the same path toward Self-Improvement and Self-Empowerment.  Our classes have just the right mix of tradition in a laid back, respectful modern atmosphere where the only goal is individual growth so that we can all be a little bit better than we were yesterday.

Taikyoku Kiko is what is known as a Silk Reeling Qigong, or an Internal Strength training method for developing and strengthening the body’s connective tissues, muscles, bones, blood, and oxygen flow while also improving balance and mental clarity and focus.  All Chinese Internal Martial Arts (Neijia), like Tai Chi Chuan (aka Taiji Quan), Xingyi Chuan, Baquazhang, are ideally all variations on Silk Reeling aka Six Harmonies Movement that integrates mind and body training in such a way that the body begins to move as a single, powerful unit

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