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Guest Instructors At Kogen Dojo

Guest Instructor Monday at Kogen Dojo is a weekly mini-seminar featuring the best jiu-jitsu instructors in MD/DC/VA. FREE* to Kogen Members. $25 for visitors.

Here is our current guest instructor schedule, as well as some guests we’ve had in the past.  If you would like to guest teach or would like to request a guest instructor at Kogen Dojo, please contact Robert via the contact form.

4/29 Side Control Pressure Flow w/Anton Garcia (Relson Gracie)

4/22 NoGi Guard Passing w/Logan Yox (Atos)

4/15 Standing Guard Passing Fundamentals w/Stephen Miller (Relson Gracie)

4/8 Deep Half-Guard w/Kenneth Brown (2nd Gear Jiu-Jitsu)

4/1 Relson Gracie Seminar

3/25 Rodeo Guard w/Luke Rinehart (Clinch Academy)

3/18 Relson Gracie Half-Guard w/Mike Stewart (Relson Gracie)

3/11 NoGi Guard Concepts w/Aaron Clevenger (Carlos Catania BJJ)

3/4 Lapel Chokes w/Keith Jackson (Gunn Academy)

2/25/19 Half Guard & Technical Mount w/James Dillon (Bowerhouse MMA/Vicente Junior)

2/18/19 Sleeve Guard Grip Breaks and Guard Passing Concepts w/ Mateo Nunez (Abmar Barbosa)

2/11/19 NoGi Back Attacks w/Jeff Mount (Baltimore BJJ)

2/4/19 Side Mount Chokes w/Jordan Stewart (Gracie Maryland/Relson Gracie)

1/28/19 Single Leg Half-Guard & Sit-Up Guard w/Monroe Hall (Baltimore BJJ)

1/21/19 Back Mount Attacks w/Eddie Abney (Method MMA)

1/14/19 X-Guard w/Aaron Clevenger (Carlos Catania BJJ)

1/10/19 (Thursday) Judo w/Chris Howell

1/7/19 Escapes (NoGi) w/Josh Peters (College Park MMA)

12/31/18 Closed for New Year’s Eve (Open Mat TBA)

12/24/18 Closed for Christmas Eve (Open Mat TBA)

12/20/18 (Thursday) Judo w/Chris Howell

12/17 Wristlocks w/Keith Jackson (Gunn Academy)

12/10/18 Sweeps w/Ron Hicks (Centreville BJJ)

12/6/18 (Thursday) Judo w/Chris Howell

12/3/18 Omoplatas w/John Gilbert (Gracie Maryland/Relson Gracie)

11/26 Grip Breaks, Takedowns, & Guard Passing w/James Dillon (Bowerhouse MMA/Vicente Junior)

11/19/18 Back Attacks w/Patrick Gaul (Relson Gracie)


11/5/18 Leglocks w/Naqi Sayed (Gracie Maryland/Relson Gracie)

10/29/18 Lasso Guard w/Mateo Nunez (Abmar Barbosa)

10/22/18 Aaron Clevenger (Carlos Catania)

10/15/18 Andrew Mosedale (Relson Gracie St Augustine)

10/8/18 AJ Rosales (Pure Performance/Pedro Sauer)

10/1/18 Topaz Navarro (Ground Control/Renzo Gracie)

9/24/18 Monroe Hall (Baltimore BJJ)

9/17/18 Kenneth Brown (2nd Gear Jiu-Jitsu)

9/10/18 Andrew Mosedale (Relson Gracie St Augustine)

9/3/18 Labor Day – CLOSED

8/27/18 Nick Buecker (Relson Gracie)

8/20/18 Jeff Mount (Baltimore BJJ)

8/13/18 Mike Johnson (Pedro Sauer)

8/6/18 Mike Stewart (Relson Gracie)

7/30/18 Naqi Sayed (Relson Gracie)

7/23/18 Sean Diviney (Yamasaki Academy)

7/16/18 Steve Lord (Pedro Sauer)

7/9/18 Daniel & Cesar Paredes (Alliance/Pedro Sauer)

7/2/18 Rhalan Gracie (Relson/Ralph Gracie) Kids/Adult Seminar $40/$50

6/25/18 Mike Johnson (Pedro Sauer)

6/18/18 Jordan Stewart (Relson Gracie)

6/11/18 Nick Tissue (Baltimore Gracie Jiu-Jitsu)

6/4/18 Mateo Nunez (Abmar Barbosa)

5/21/18 Monroe Hall (Baltimore BJJ)

5/14/18 Patrick Gaul (Relson Gracie)

5/7/18 Ian Rifield (Pedro Sauer)

*Seminars excepted, as noted.

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