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Kogen Dojo:  Classical and Modern Martial Arts in Severna Park, MD

Our Mission:  To create a training environment of mutual respect between martial disciplines and provide a place where students can experience a variety of teaching approaches and training methodologies for the betterment of their lives through self-defense, fitness, and holistic health practices.

Our Name:  Kogen is a term coined by Ellis Amdur as a way of expressing the potential synergy of classical and modern martial traditions when practiced with the correct focus and respect.  The Japanese prefix ‘ko’   refers to something old or ancient, as in koryu  or kobudo , ancient or classical martial traditions.  The Japanese prefix ‘gen’  refers to something in the present with gendai  meaning modern, as in genryu  or gendai budo , modern martial traditions.  Kogen Dojo  is a place where both classical and modern martial traditions are trained and taught with mutual respect, creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our Story:  Kogen Dojo was formed as an ideal, out of necessity. A group of martial artists from diverse training backgrounds were discussing the fact that there were no local academies that offered and embraced both traditional and modern martial arts in a way that encouraged people to immerse themselves in both, finding benefits in each.  The founders of Kogen Dojo wanted to create a space where they themselves would want to train, a space where respect and effectiveness were all that mattered.  Combining their experiences, with a common purpose, Kogen Dojo was formed.  At Kogen Dojo, students can train and cross-train in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Taikykoku Budo (Japanese Jujutsu) and Taikyoku Kiko (qigong), each art offering its own unique but complimentary perspective on self defense and unarmed combat.

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KOGEN DOJO: Classical & Modern Martial Traditions

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